Borrow money for business growth

Borrow money to fuel growth or back a plan

Borrowing money is no longer just a case of visiting your bank manager. In fact, if you’re a small business, you may not even have a bank manager to visit.

It makes a lot of sense to shop around, just like you do when renewing your home insurance. But the amount of time it takes to go through the process is extensive. You have to select a lender, give them the information they need, complete a loan application form and then deal with all the questions. Are you surprised when you read that 71% only approach one lender when borrowing money to grow.

That’s why at QR3 we thought it made sense to partner up with Capitalise. They’ve built an online platform that gives you access to 200+ lenders. They’ve used a little funding magic to identify the best financing options available for your business. They’ve partnered with nearly 70 institutional lenders throughout the UK to offer business loans to companies. It’s a quick, free and easy way to get the funding that best matches your needs.

You can do this on your own if you wish. But with some help from one of QR3’s 100+ finance directors, you can be sure your company will be fit for lending before spending time approaching lenders.

As we’re a “Gold Partner” with Capitalise, they share some of their commission with us. Any we receive will be offset against the cost of a QR3 Finance Director.

Let Capitalise and QR3 help you unlock your full potential today by matching an appropriate lender with your business. Just click on the green button opposite to start the process, or call QR3 on 01295 477 130 to chat about your lending requirements

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