We are primarily part-time finance directors; specialising in helping owners of SME businesses grow by giving them help and guidance, thus enabling them to relax in the knowledge that their company’s finances are in safe hands.

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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships

~ Michael Jordan

Small and medium sized businesses are in constant flux

Whatever your organisation does, and wherever it is, one thing is certain – it is always changing.

Change and transformation, growth and funding, failure and turnaround, acquisitions, mergers or exit planning leading to a business sale. All of these events require a skill set honed from years of experience. All, if to be executed properly, need a level of professionalism borne out of qualifications recognised globally.

You could take a punt and do it yourself, but that could cost you time or money or both.

A part-time finance director from QR3 will assist you to find the way.


Over the past 25 years, the founders have invested time, money and energy into building up small to medium sized businesses from start-up to turnarounds. We’ve acquired businesses, loaned money to them, and sold them.

Back in 2013, we organised what was called Defra’s Investor Symposium in the Guildhall, London. The meeting had around 80 people attending. Half were from the investment community – investors, bankers, asset financiers and high net worth individuals. The other half were entrepreneurs, developers and business builders. The Minister for the Environment opened the meeting with a question – “What are the challenges to investment in the waste and recycling sector?”

The answers that came were pretty generic. Investors wouldn’t invest because:

management team needed bolstering

lack of a business plan

poor financials if they did have a plan with questionable assumptions

Of course, we recognised that if the business was really small they couldn’t afford the additional resource needed.

An idea to provide highly qualified, professional finance directors on a part-time and very flexible basis was born. 


Matthew Broadbent qualified with Deloitte (then Touche Ross) as a Chartered Accountant.

He worked in the profession in corporate recovery doing administrations and selling viable businesses. He made the transition into the commercial sector and joined Rexam plc, a blue chip printing and packaging business. He became one of their UK financial controllers. He left a year later to join what was his true passion – a small / medium sized business. A tour operator selling self catering holidays.

He became a shareholder and MD. Sold the business to an American multi-national in 2004. He invested in 2 turnarounds and 2 start-ups. Sectors were Cornish pasty retail, retail and wholesale high end ladies fashion, construction and bespoke marketing in the drinks industry. Two of these failed (lessons learned, losing his own money) and two were exited.

He worked as an interim with the Waste & Resources Action Programme – lending UK Government money to SME businesses involved in resource management, recycling, sustainability and circular economy. Here, he learned what he’d been taught as a lad in Yorkshire. “Where there’s muck, there’s brass.” Not only that; if you don’t create the waste, your business can be more profitable and thus more sustainable.

Combining his accountancy qualification and his new found passion for sustainability, QR3 opened for business in July 2014.

Over 100 part-time or interim, senior level finance professionals available to SMEs, charities and other not for profit businesses.

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