We Will Help You Identify Grant Opportunities and Help You Apply For The Funding You Need

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Thinking ethical pays off! 

Money flows like water. If you’re a green efficiency company, you may well be in vogue. Oil and gas isn’t quite yesterday yet, but green investments are now considered to be appropriate for a balanced portfolio, as long as they can demonstrate a good return on investment.

If you’re thinking green and you’re pre-revenue, there could well be a government grant available to you. If you’re post revenue and growing, but need cash to grow, a private investor could well be the solution.

QR3 can help you secure funding 

An experienced QR3 Finance Director can ensure you’re communicating properly with investors (both current and future) to maximise the opportunity for your green business to obtain growth capital when its needed.

Even if you’re not applying for a grant, our FDs can help you transform your business by identifying growth opportunities, potential areas of  improvement and ways to manage your resources more efficiently. We help make your business truly sustainable.


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