Decision support from QR3

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet (but of course, we’re going to ūüď£). At QR3, we only supply a finance director with bags of experience. In all likelihood, if you ask for decision support, you’ll be talking to an FD who’s been there already and knows how to mitigate the risks you take when implementing decisions.¬†

It’s very lonely at the top. These are the three main benefits that come with using QR3’s decision-support services.

  1. Sounding block Having someone who can talk sensibly about a proposition in a commercial manner; someone who is totally objective. If you have a non executive director, this is what you would use them for. If you don’t have an NED, then use QR3.
  2. No Politics Talking through decisions with your management team should be your first port of call.¬†QR3 is your second port of call for when you have honed your decision into a workable solution. Alternatively, we could be there at the end of the phone to prevent an idea from becoming a decision which doesn’t fit well with your current strategy.
  3. Speed and experience The likelihood is, we’ve had to make similar decisions in the past, whether about a¬†new product or a significant¬†investment. We’ll know what to look out for, how to overcome any obstacles and put in place the necessary risk mitigation. With experience and skill together with a professional financial oversight, you’ll be convinced you’re making the right decisions for your business.