• QR3 - finance directors for less, but better

    QR3 - finance directors for less, but better

    With over 100 highly experienced, qualified, board level finance directors on tap at a fraction of the normal cost of a full time FD. No long term contract. No recruitment fee. Just a simple daily rate.
  • Start-up, business planning with financial forecasts

    Everyone starts somewhere and QR3’s part-time finance directors help with mission, vision and strategy. Not only that, but they’ll also role up their sleeves and help with the business plan and the back up financials.
  • Business growth, funding and M&A transactions

    With growth come challenges. QR3’s part-time finance directors assist with funding, acquisitions, mergers as well as dealing with growing pains like cashflow management and implementation of systems and processes
  • Turnaround and change management

    Every business goes through some form of turnaround or transformation during its lifetime. A turnaround manager with a whole load of experience, and financial acumen too reduces the risk of failure and will achieve the objective in the least time possible.
  • Business Exit

    Whether through retirement, as part of a growth strategy or as a means to cash out, QR3’s part-time FDs are available to smooth the process and ensure those celebratory champagne bottles are opened sooner rather than later at the end of a successful transaction.

Finance Director Services


Defining the mission and strategy, with the numbers to back it up. Ongoing part-time support.


New markets, profitability analysis, risk mitigation and investment appraisal


Secure business, project management to recovery, negotiations & cash control


Identify what to sell and who to approach that might be a buyer. Control transaction.


Business Foundation Scorecard

Want to scale up your business? Are you ready?

Mission - part-time FD for SME

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  • “Matthew is one of a rare breed of people who demonstrates not only a high level of financial expertise, but also a high degree of business acumen. He translates the financial aspects of running a business to both the strategic and tactical needs”

    ~ Mike Greatwood – Chief Executive

  • Overall I felt Matthew was able to give me a sense of clarity I hadn’t had before about how I can move forward to grow my business. I found him to be incredibly personable, and non-judgemental, and his advice was measured and logical. I would have no hesitations in recommending Matthew to other businesses looking for financial direction. 

    ~ Ruth Duggal – Director

  • He was a pleasure to deal with, knew exactly what he was looking for, provided all the necessary information in a timely manner, returned my calls, kept me up to date on all matters and came to a swift conclusion. And, he’s a very nice and personable gentleman too of the highest integrity.

    ~ Nigel Patrick – Director

  • Matthew provided BluGem with sound business advice in helping with our growth plan. He has excellent knowledge and experience in starting-up businesses and assisted with our business plan and long term strategy. I would recommend Matthew to anyone who is considering that next big step as either a start-up business or expanding an existing business.

    ~ John Davies – Founder & Managing Director

  • Robust financial analysis of investment opportunities, helpful strategic input, absolute integrity.

    ~ Ben Marr – Finance & Investment Director

  • Any endeavour that Matthew becomes involved in is destined for success. His calm, level headed demeanour coupled with a warm, engaging personality and a clear understanding of his goals both in business and in life guarantee that. … I thoroughly recommend Matthew as a potential asset to any business

    ~ John Rice – Financial Solutions Expert

  • “I asked Matthew to help me with the marketing strategy for my business, Hannage Consulting. We’ve been working together for quite a few weeks now. We started by developing a written marketing strategy. And he didn’t just leave it there. Since then, we’ve been working through, stage by stage, to execute the plan. I’m really pleased with the results. He’s helped me speed ahead in developing my proposition to the market and how I’m going to get my message across. I’d thoroughly recommend Matthew and QR3 for any business needing help with developing their business strategy.”

    ~ Jonathan Housley – Managing Director, Hannage Consulting